EOC Group has a number of different resources to help businesses acquire much needed capital for many different reasons.
Equipment leasing and purchasing.
Re-financing company debt.
Capital for growth and expansion.
Capital resources from $100,000 to $100 million+


Business Development can entail many things but some of the benefits of working with EOC is:  Developing Channels of
Product Manufacturing
Product launches that include
Infomercial TV
New Customer Acquisitions
Growth Strategies
Market Identification
Licensing Agreements
Joint Ventures


Did I spend my time today being productive or was I just busy? What activity did I do that will or did result in a positive financial outcome?
What can I do differently but still accomplish the task?
Do I have a system in place that tells me how my time is best being spent? Our Time Management Critique can help you be more productive in less time with being more effective and efficient with what you do and how you do it.


EOC Group is always looking to partner with other businesses to see if synergy exists and successful outcomes can be achieved. The benefits of cross channel marketing and partnership collaboration benefits customers with added value and increased resources of revenue for the businesses at hand.


EOC Group works as cost reductions experts along with N.U.R to remove erroneous charges and billing discrepancies charged on the telecom/utility invoices. We have the suppliers provide you with a refund on overcharges and errors, and create true and uncontested monthly reductions in your utility expenses.


EOC Group is excited to enter into a partnership with EMS - Electronic Merchant Systems - to offer you simple, secure, reliable payment processing. Thanks to their innovative suite of business solutions and caring and attentive 24/7/365 live customer support,  they have become a leading provider of payment processing and merchant services in the United Sates.  Learn more about this company that touts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and a 4.7 star customer satisfaction rating on Google.


Dale Stefanic, CEO of EOC Group is a sought after business strategist and Marketing expert who brings a direct, no nonsense business approach to operations and cost savings strategies. All over the US, ownership groups, senior executives, entrepreneurs and business owners have benefited from this approach.

EOC Group is a solutions based firm for companies from small to medium size looking for practical direction on growth and gaining new market share in their company. EOC works with you as an advocate every step of the way so you have complete understanding as to how and why certain solutions or changes need to be made for your business.

As a passionate and successful entrepreneur, Dale’s passion and leadership in the areas of business start ups and successful company launches continues with EOC Group.  With a diverse marketing background and the knowledge of developing business metrics that identify the need to implement solutions and cost contained alternatives for stability, growth and keeping your business moving forward with strength and stability in your market.

A former Radio personality in the Cleveland market for 7 years, Dale has interviewed and been with such notables as Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Loral Langemeier, Bob Proctor, and Michael Gerber to name a few. Dale brings the success factor from engaging relations with these types of successful entrepreneurs. Dale performed over 400 interviews and has been a feature speaker at many seminars, chamber events and has worked with two college universities within their Center’s For Entrepreneurship. Dale has also been a business counselor for the State of Ohio working with Start up businesses for “Opportunities for Ohioan’s with Disabilities”. In 2013 Dale was a speaker at The National Educational Consortium for Entrepreneurship which was held in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dale is a November 2021 graduate of Cleveland's FBI Citizens Academy.  The FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association is a community-based and supported organization, distinct and separate from the FBI, designed to promote a safer community through community service projects. Dale and his classmates learned about FBI jurisdiction and congressional oversight; structure and operation of FBI field offices and satellite agencies; fingerprint, forensic, technology, training, and other services. He enjoyed his classes with the SWAT team and Fire Instructors learning about policies and issues, ethics, discipline, communications, drug enforcement, civil rights, and future criminal trends, and firearms training.

As the Chair the FBICLECAAA Volunteer Committee, Dale's goal is to make membership aware of events that need volunteers to assist with various events such as the "Flags for Honor". They create an awe-inspiring display of American flags based on the donations of community members, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and more. Every year, thousands of people visit these flags and read the medallions recognizing the honorees from the military, police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, coaches, teachers, families, and friends.